Declaration of Life Part Two.1

Caden & Milo


I finally woke up and the pain started soon as I opened my eyes. I tried to sit up but my head was not agreeing with me at that moment. I looked over and seen Caden laying beside me and he looked peaceful but I could tell he was thinking about something because his forehead was creased. I was about to wake him up but then I felt the need to run into the bathroom. Maybe facing a whole bottle of goose wasn’t such a good idea. I ran into the bathroom and just made the toliet. I was on my knees bringing everything out of me when I heard the door open. When I was done I flushed the toliet and he helped me up and walked me back into the bedroom.

“You okay?” He asked wiping my mouth with some tissue.

“I’m fine, just through up that liquor.” I said as I laid back in my spot.

“Milo I think we should talk about what happened yesterday.” He said sitting next to me.

“What’s there to talk about you cheated I caught you found out it was five extra times and now we are here.” I said sarcastically.

“Milo I love you and there is no one out there that is going to take your place.” He told me causing tears to roll down my face.

“Caden that’s not the problem I know that you love me and I know that I have your heart. Or at least I hope I have your heart because if she does then I do know what to do because I can’t compete with that.” I told him as the tears fell from my face. 

“Baby the only thing she had was my flesh my heart and soul belongs to you. I only want you in my life and I only want to be with you for the rest of my life.” Caden told me as the tears ran down his eyes.

I just put my head down because I can’t stand to see Caden hurt. Even if he was the one to cause this pain for me and him. I didn’t know what to do but I did know that I loved this man that was sitting next to me. He was not only my man but he was my other half but I think that we needed some time apart. We have been together for two years and this is the first time he as ever cheated on me. 

“Caden I love you with all my heart and even more then that but this is the first time you have cheated on my in two years and I think that maybe we need some time apart. Maybe we rushed and moved in with each other to fast so maybe we should date other people and see if we really want to be with each other. Maybe I am not the one you want to be with and that’s why you cheated.” I told him as the tears flooded and made him blury to me.

“Baby I’m not trying to hear all of that and you know inside your heart that you don’t want me to leave.” He said while kissing me on my neck.

“Caden stop baby please.” I said trying to move.

“Don’t make me leave.” He said trailing kisses from my neck to my chest.

“Caden..sstop.” I said barely getting my words out.

“Milo please let me stay baby I promise it wont happen again.” He said kissing me.

I broke the kissed and pushed him off of me then getting up from the bed. “Caden this is not going to fix it, sex is not going to fix this I need you to pack your stuff and leave.” I said then walked into the bathroom shutting the door and locking it.

I heard him moving around and I heard him dropping his suitcase on the floor. I sat on the floor against the door and silently cried. Caden was right I didn’t want him to leave tonight but I was hurting that he cheated on me and I believed that this was the only solution for us. I stayed in the bathroom for about ten minutes until he knocked on the door.

“I packed me enough things for a week I’ll come get the rest of my things tomorrow.” He said before walking away. 

I waited until I heard the front door slam before I unlocked the bathroom. I walked out the bathroom and into the bedroom and looked out the window. I saw his car start up and then he back out the parking lot then pulled off down the street. I slid down the wall and cried I let the only man I will probably love walk out my life. I was hurting and this wasn’t any normal hurt. I felt like I lost part of me and that’s how I knew this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I got up and looked in the window sill and saw that it was raining then it started to thunder and lightning. I climbed into my bed and snuggled up on the pillow that he was just laying on. It smelt just like him and that just made me miss and want him even more. 

Tonight I would be sleeping with a Broken Heart.


I woke up in a hotel room and I looked over trying to remember why I was here when it all came back to me. My eyes were puffy and red from crying all night over Milo. I fucked up and I didn’t know where to start to get my heart back. When I left that house last night I felt like I left another part of me there. I felt incomplete when she wasn’t around and the fact that it was thundering last night really hurt me. She was all alone and I know she was scared. I grabbed my phone and checked to see if I had any messages. I smiled when I saw her name on my screen. I quickly tapped on it and my frown dropped when I saw what she wrote. 

‘Just wanted to check and make sure you found somewhere to stay.’ 

I must have stared at that message for ten minutes because the sound of a call coming through brought me out of my thoughts. It was my mama the only other woman I truly loved. 

“Hello?”  I said trying not got to breakdown.

“Baby what’s wrong?” My mom said in her asian accent.

“Ma how do you know something is wrong?” I asked her.

“Your voice now what’s wrong Caden?” She asked again.

“I fucked up bad ma, I cheated on Milo and she caught then last night she put me out.” I said to my mom.

“Caden, what the hell you cheating on that girl for she loves you.” She yelled at me over the phone.

“Ma I know I miss her like crazy, I feel as though part of me has died ma like shit is crazy with out her.” I said as tears fell down my face.

“Listen baby I know your hurting but just think she’s feeling what your feeling but only ten times harder. Now she’s probably questioning herself as a woman because of what happen. Why did you cheat Caden?” She asked me.

“Ma I don’t even know I wasn’t even checking for this girl she was sent to my office as a temp while my seceratary was sick and one thing led to another and I ended up sleeping with her. Then the first time turned into to five and finally Milo walked in on her sucking me off at the office.” I explained to my mom.

“Caden I raised you better then this you are not suppose to treat the woman you love like this. You are treating her just like your father treated me. You remember Caden us always arguing. Do you want that to be you and Milo?” She asked me.

“No ma you know I don’t.” I cried into the phone.

“Caden its no need for you to sit and cry about it. You need to do everything she says to let her know that you are waiting for her and that your willing to work for her love and trust again. Because believe me once a woman is scorn it’s a long time before she heals and forgives.” She told me.

“Ma I have to go over there and get my things.” I told her.

“Text or call her first to make sure it’s a good time for you to come over do just go unexpected.” She told me.

“I won’t ma, I’ll call her.” I said as I laid back down in the bed.

“I love you baby and I will call you a little later to check in on you.” My mom said causing me to smile.

“I love you to mom.” I said before ending the call.

I hung up the phone and texted Milo to see if I can come over and she replied when she got off of work. I laid there in the bed and just thought about how we got to this point. When did I fill the need to cheat on the woman that I loved. I then thought about her, I always became weak around her and she got the best of me. I needed to eliminate her out of my life and that’s was going to be the first step in getting Milo back. 

I called the club and let them know not to let her back into the club. Then I told my secretary to not answer any of her calls. I then called my phone company and had her number blocked from calling my phone. Lastly, I called her and told her meet me at our spot at six. When she replied that she would meet me I text Milo and asked her if me coming by around seven would be fine. She agreed and said that she would see me then. That put a small smile on my face and I got comfortable counting down till it was time for me to see Milo. I was going to do anything and everything to get her back. I wasn’t going to be in this hotel room for too long. But…I guess I will be sleeping with a broken heart for now.